New Pacific Air

New Pacific Air provides cargo and charter services hundred percent operated as per international safety standards and professional civil aviation practices. New Pacific Air is fully committed to offering high quality services with competitive prices to establish a solid and long-lasting air services business.

Business charter is the most common concept in aviation industry. At the same time we could not say that business charter is a new one because it has sprung up for many years.

Looking back in the past and present; in the future we will see the following tendencies.

In the past, business aviation has been developing steadily and rapidly. During the time it has transformed from luxury to a business growth indeed in the future business aviation will continue its growth further more and more businessmen will use business charter, nowadays and future trend is businessmen to possess their own aircraft.

We strongly can conclude that business aviation is present and future for both, aviation and business.

New Pacific Air is working closely to develop the country’s most modern and full-fledged maintenance hangar and training center belonging to a private airline.

With the vision of becoming the leading airline company from Asia-Pacific to set the highest standards and keep raising it ourselves, New Pacific Air is becoming the most-preferred name in aviation industry.